Kansas Geological Foundation
Education Programs and Services

The Kansas Geological Foundation provides the following programs and services as a part of the organization's commitment to educate the public regarding earth science.

Memorials and Endowments - A memorial or endowment can be established in remembrance of a family member.  All contributions to a memorial are tax deductible.  For more information on how to establish a memorial please contact:
The Kansas Geological Foundation 
212 N. Market, Suite 100
Wichita, Kansas 67202
or call Janice Bright at (316) 265-8676

The Videotape Library - The KGF maintains a videotape library focused primarily on the various fields of earth science.  These tapes may be checked out without charge by the public.
The entire collection of VHS tapes in the library can be reviewed on this website.  To obtain a list of tapes please contact:
The Kansas Geological Society Library
212 N. Market, Suite 100
Wichita, Kansas 67202
or call Janice Bright at (316) 265-8676.
The Speaker's Bureau - The speaker's bureau consists of a group of professional geologists who are available to give presentations in the classroom and for organizational meetings.  Fourteen new slides have been acquired from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists on energy.  The Speaker's Bureau will make the slides available to be checked out by contacting Bob Cowdery.  This service is provided so that the public can better understand the science and profession of geology.  This service is free to the public.  A list of speakers can be reviewed on this website and also obtained by contacting Janice Bright.
For more information contact: 
Robert D. Cowdery
212 N. Market
Wichita, Kansas 67202
(316) 267-9030

Student Scholarships - The KGF awards scholarships each year to students who want to pursue a field of study and career in earth sciences.  The application for a scholarship can be printed from this website or a copy can be found at the Kansas Geological Foundation. 

The Excellence in Earth Science Education Award - The KGF and KESTA (Kansas Earth Science Teachers Association) cooperatively award a grant to The Earth Science Teacher of the Year.  The $1,000 award is given to an educator who demonstrates a unique style and enthusiasm for teaching students about science in the classroom.  Each year KESTA sends information to schools in Kansas requesting nominations for the award. Applications received by the October 15th deadline are then reviewed by a panel composed of representatives of KESTA and KGF.  Once the selection is made the recipient is invited to attend the KGF Annual meeting to receive the award plaque and the $1,000 that accompanies it.

KGF Grants - The Kansas Geological Foundation has grant funding available for a variety of projects that fall under the broad category of Kansas geology and earth science. Grants are given each year for projects  as varied as buying rock samples for the Treasure Island Rock and Fossil Hunt during the annual Wichita River Festival each May, to funding for basic research as part of MS and PhD dissertations. The grant process begins with the submission of a Grant Request Form available from the KGF office or from the Grant Request Chairman. Grant requests are reviewed and acted upon on a monthly basis at meetings of the KGF Board of Directors.
For more information contact:
Janice Bright


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