Kansas Geological Foundation
Information about the Foundation
  • Preserving and expanding Geological Data for the State of Kansas 
  • Encouraging young students to consider a career in Geology
  • Establish memorials and endowments
  • Giving financial aid and grants to geology students studying Kansas Geology
  • Supporting Field Trips, Seminars, and a Video Library to facilitate geologists in their continuing education
  • Providing the public with a speakers bureau to offer general education about geology

  • The Kansas Geological Foundation was founded in March of 1989 as a not-for-profit corporation under the guidelines of section 501(c)(3) of the tax code to provide individuals and corporations the opportunity to further the science of geology.  It is dedicated to providing charitable, scientific, literary and educational opportunities in the field of geology for the professional geologist as well as the general public.

    The Kansas Geological Foundation can receive in-kind donations through which the donor may receive a tax deduction.  Of equal importance, the KGF provides the financial resources to sort, process and file this data at the Kansas Geological Library.  Your tax deductible membership donation helps to defray the cost of processing donations and to support public education programs about the science of geology.

    The Kansas Geological Foundation is promoting the creation of the Dr. Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library.  The Digital Library will preserve the 75 Year collection of the Kansas Geological Society.  The public may support the digital library project through a series of sponsorships.  All contributions to the project are tax deductible through the KGF.

    The Kansas Geological Foundation can establish a memorial or endowment in remembrance of a family member.  A memorial will ensure the legacy of the individual will be preserved and the foundation can continue to promote the geology of Kansas.  All contributions are tax deductible. 

    The Kansas Geological Foundation is committed to promoting earth sciences in the classroom and at public meetings through several programs.  The Videotape Library has a collection of VHS tapes on various fields of earth science that may be checked out to the public.  The Speakers Bureau consists of a group of professionals who are available to speak in the classroom or meetings about various aspects of geology.  The speakers bureau also has 14 slides on Energy from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that may be checked out for presentations.  The Excellence in Earth Science Education Award is given by the Kansas Earth Science Teachers Association and the KGF to an educator who excells in teaching students about earth sciences. KGF Grants encourage projects that provide educational opportunities for Kansans and focus on Kansas Geology. 

    Another way the Kansas Geological Foundation attempts to encourage individuals to pursue the study of earth sciences is by providing Student Financial Assistance.  Students who demonstrate an enthusiasm for the field of earth sciences may apply for a scholarship funded by the KGF.

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