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Coal and Coalbed Methane


Coal Bed Methane – U. S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy

1. Coal Bed Methane Primer

2.  A White Paper Describing Produced Water From Production of  Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Coal Bed Methane

         3. Coal Bed Methane Best Management Practices

         4. Coal Bed Methane Produced Water: Management and Beneficial   Use Alternatives

         5. Multi-Seam Well Completion Technology: Implications for Powder River Basin, Coal Bed Methane

         6. Powder River Basin Coal Bed Methane Development and Produced Water Management Study

         7. Regulatory Issues Affecting Management of Produced Water From Coal Bed Methane Wells

Coal and Coalbed Methane in Colorado - Colorado Geological Survey

Coal Resource Assessment - (1999) United States Geological Survey; Selected Tertiary coal beds in the Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Region

Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Colorado Plateau: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico , and Utah – USGS

National Coal Resource Assessment  - (Non Proprietary Data) United States Geological Survey; Location, Stratigraphy and coal quality of selected Tertiary coals in the Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Region

National Coal Resources AssessmentUSGS


Petroleum and Coal Seam Methane Exploration, New South Wales Australia

2000 Resource Assessment of Selected Coal Beds and Zones in the Northern and Central Appalachian Basin Coal Regions


Resource Assessment of the Springfield, Herrin, Danville and Baker Coals in the Illinois Basin – USGS

U.S. Geological Survey, Coalbed Methane Field Conference, May 9-10, 2001 - USGS



Alaska Peninsula Areawide Oil and Gas Lease Sale and Bristol Bay Basin Exploration License Area State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas:

Vol. 1 Information and Data Compilation – General Information and Digital Well Data

Vol. 2 Information and Data Compilation – Scanned Electric Logs

Vol. 3 Information and Data Compilation – Seismic Data



Atlas of Oil & Gas Plays and Regional Geological Reports on American Indian Reservations Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Energy and Mineral Resources Management


Australia – Release of Offshore Petroleum Exploration Areas Department of Tourism and Resources

A Guide to the Petroleum Industry in Victoria Department of Victoria Primary Industries, Energy & Minerals Division, Petroleum Development Branch

Gippsland Basin Source Rock Quality and Thermal Maturity Victoria Department of Primary Industries


Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of the Artic –USGS

Map Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geologic Provinces of Europe Including Turkey -USGS

Indonesia Petroleum Bidding Round 2008 - Dept. of Energy & Natural Resouces

Ireland - Petroleum and E & P Information, Dept. of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources.

Oil and Gas Plays - United States Geological Survey (1995)

Otway Basin, Source Rock, Vitrinite Reflectance and Reservoir Properties – Department of Victoria Primary Properties

Petroleum Atlas of Victoria, Australia – Minerals and Petroleum Division, Petroleum Development Branch, Basin Studies Group

Petroleum Exploration & Production France

Poland Natural Resources - Republic of Poland

Published Papers on the Gippsland Basin – Department of Victoria Primary Industries

Published Papers on the Otway Basin Department of Victoria Primary Industries

Republic of Mozambique - Exploration Opportunities, National Petroleum Institute

Saudi Aramco at 75, The Energy Within, Saudi Aramco Public Relations Dept.

Senegal Basin - Petroleum Potential and Opportunities, Senegal National Oil Company

Selected Data from Fourteen Wildcat Wells - National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska - USGS

South Africa: Deepwater Exploration Opportunities – Verbatim Corporation

South America Geology, Oil and Gas Field and Geologic Province Maps

Value of Geologic Information in Well Completions - presentation at KGS Technical Program
Dr. Jack Thomas

PO Box 979
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101-0979
ph: 918-560-2529    email: jthomas@aapg.org

Western Australia Petroleum Acreage Release Department of Industry and Resources Western Australia

West Greenland – License Round 2004 NUNAOIL



Basin Centered Gas Systems of the United States - United States Geological Survey

Competition Between Fuels of the Future - Natural Gas is the Winner - SIPES Foundation Seminar
Anyone wanting to use this Power Point Presentation will need permission from:
Dr. Economides
Professor of Engineering at the University of Houston
4800 Calhoun
Engineering Building D. Room 5-339
Houston, Texas
ph: 713-743-4330    email: mje@uh.edu

North American Gas Exploration - presentation at SIPES Annual Meeting
David M. Thomas III
Tom Brown Inc.
PO Box 2608
Midland, Texas 79702
ph: 915-682-9715

 Outlook for the North American Midstream Industry

The changing face of the natural gas midstream business & the crude oil /petroleum products midstream business, the challenges and opportunities, critical success factors, sourcing capital for new infrastructure.

The Saskatchewan Natural Gas Advantage - TransGas Limited production.



AAPG Geoscience Field Seminars 2004 - AAPG Geoscience Education.  In Adobe PDF format & ISO/Mac.

A Presenters Guide to Communicating with Powerpoint - 35mm slides or poster size media

Abstracts - AAPG Annual Meeting May 2003 - Salt Lake City, Utah : This CD has over 950 abstracts from papers presented at the Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City

Abstracts of the 2003 Mid-Continent Section Meeting - Tulsa

Archimedes Consulting PortfolioArchimedes Consulting Pty Ltd.

Corporate Governance: Beyond Sarbanes Oxley

The link between corporate governance, investment risk and shareholder returns; how companies are improving their corporate governance while grappling with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Energy in the Earth System - The Geological Society of America.  Explores the different available energy sources.

From Gateways to Glaciation - Joint Oceanographic Institutions

Global Perspectives on the Oil & Gas Industry: Victor A. Burk—Partner & Global Oil & Gas Industry Leader, Deloitte, Houston

Luis E. Guisti—Senior Advisor, The Center for Strategic & International Studies

Houston Geological Society - Directory of Members - 2003

Improving Upstream Performance: Assets, Technology & People  How asset optimization & improvements in technology and processes are enabling E & P companies to improve performance, solutions for some of the important people-related issues facing the industry.

The Innovator’s Solution: Michael E. Raynor, Deloitte Research, Toronto

Opportunities to the World – Saudi-Aramco

Just identifies some of the advantages of working for Aramco


Outlook for the Exploration & Production Industry

Oil & gas demand growth, how technology and other innovations are enabling E & P companies to improve performance and find new supplies of oil & gas, etc.

Outlook for the Refining & Marketing Industry

Opportunities and challenges facing the refining & marketing industry.

Reservations located in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico


RMAG Library 1937 - 2001 - Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.  This RMAG library contains a digital compilation in Adobe Acrobat format of all guidebooks published by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists between the years 1937 - 2001. 


RockWare Earth Science and GIS Software

This is a promotional CD, but includes some geology

3 small CD’s by Terra Tek: Corporate Overview, Services and Solutions, Rock Mechanics Solutions

Wyoming State Geological Survey - Publications Catalog 2003.



Black Gold Beneath the Bayous and Oil Spill Awareness Through Geoscience Education - Department of Geology at Louisiana State University:  Excellent basic geology made for the Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association

Exploitation and Optimization of Reservoir Performance in the Hunton Formation, Oklahoma -
Department of Energy

Geologic Studies of Deep Natural Gas Resources - United States Geological Survey

Oil Recovery - Field Demonstations Program Class I - Department of Energy
Amoco Exploration and Production Company - West Hackberry Tertiary Project - Louisiana 
Bureau of Economic Geology - Revitalizing a mature oil play - Texas
Columbia University - Dynamic Enhanced Recovery Technologies - Louisiana
Diversified Operating Corporation - Advanced Secondary Recovery Projects for the Sooner "D" Sand Unit - Colorado
Hughes Eastern Corporation - The use of Microflora Indigenous to selectivity plug porus zones to increase oil recovery during water flooding - Alabama
Lomax/Inland Resources Incorporation - Green River Formation Waterflood - Utah
Texaco E&P - Post waterflood CO2 miscible flood in light oil fluvial dominated deltaic reservoirs - Texas
University of Kansas - Improved oil recovery in fluvial dominated deltaic reservoirs - Kansas
University of Oklahoma - Identification and evaluation of fluvial deltaic reservoirs - Oklahoma
University of Tulsa - Glenn Pool Field - Oklahoma
Utah Geological Survey - Increase oil production and reserves from improved completion techniquies in the Bluebell field - Utah

Oil Recovery - Field Demonstration Program Class II - Deparment of Energy
University of Kansas Center of Research Inc. - Improved oil recovery in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas
Laguna Petroleum Corporation - An integrated study of the Grayburg/San Andres Reservoir, Foster and Sowth Cowden Fields - Ector Co., Texas
Luff Exploration Company - Improved recovery demonstrations for the Williston Basin Carbonates
Lateral drilling and completion technologies for shallow shelf carbonates of the Red River and Ratcliffe Formations - Williston Basin
Reservoir characterization of the Mississippian Ratcliffe - Richland Co., Montana
Williston Basin Reservoir Characterization of the Ordovician Red River Formation in southwest Williston Basin - Bowman Co., North Dakota and Garding Co., South Dakota
Michigan Technological University - Recovery of bypassed oil in the Dundes Formation of the Michigan Basin using horizontal drains
Oxy USA Inc. - Application of reservoir characterization and advanced technology to improve recovery and economics in lower quality shallow shelf production
Phillips Petroleum Company - Design and implementation of a CO2 flood utilizing advanced reservoir characterization and horizontal injection wells in a shallow shelf carbonate approach waterflood depletion
Texaco Exploration and Production Inc. - CO2 huff-n-puff process in a light oil shallow shelf carbonate reservoir
TotalFina - Application of integrated reservoir management and reservoir characterization
Utah Geological Survey - Increased oil production and reserves utilizing secondary/tertiary recovery techniques on small reservoirs in the Paradox Basin - Utah

Reserves and Resources

Natural Gas Reserve of the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins of Wyoming - Department of Energy

National Petroleum Reserves in Alaska - 2 Volumes USGS 

The Oil and Gas Resource Potential of the artic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 Area-Alaska - USGS

Petroleum Systems and Geologic Assessment of Oil and Gas in the Uinta-Piceance Province - Utah and Colorado - USGS

U.S. Geological Survey World Assessment 2000- Description and Results- 2 Volumes USGS

World Oil & Gas Provinces Ranked by Known Petroleum Reserves - USGS


Oceanside Seismic Data Set - U.S. Department of Interior


Texas Through Time - Institute of Geophysics, University of Texas (Donated by Doug Davis)
This Powerpoint presentation traces the migration of the continents. Primarily focusing on the North American Plate thru time from the the Late Proterozoic to the present.

The Geologic Evolution of Colorado National Monument - Interactive Geology Project by University of Colorado; Virtual tour of the Grand Canyon



Are You Using Bigger Tools Than You Need For The Job - National Energy Technology Laboratory

GIS Solutions for Petroleum - ESRI; Geographic information system software by ESRI. 

Microhole Initiative - Department of Energy

Numerical Simulators - Databases - Analytical Models - Department of Energy

Oil and Gas Industry Software - Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Slurry Injection Technology - Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory



Plate Tectonics and Paleogeography -2004 PALEOMAP Project

The Grand Canyon 1 hour; 2003 TVI Productions.  Share the Grand Canyon's breathtaking grandeur with family and friends.  This hour long video adventure explores the Grand Canyon in action-filled detail. 

Victorian Petroleum Publications – Victoria Department of Primary Industries

Two small DVD’s provided by Electro-Seise, Inc. - 3-D gravity/E geophysical surveying system based on precise measurements of variations in the earth’s micro-gravitational forces and electric field.


























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