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Kansas Geological Foundation Video Tape Library
by Robert D. Cowdery

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Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld Dig Those Dino's - 30 minutes; Discovery Channel
     This tape, essentially for "kids", introduces them to a whole new gang of dinsoaurs and takes them from the fossil rich hills of South Dakota to the Sahara desert.

Digging Dinosaurs - 30 minutes;  PBS Video
     This video discusses two contemporary sites in western Montana. Jack Horner discusses the first which was the location for the eggs and skeletons of the Hadrosaurs,commonly known as the duck-billed dinosaurs.  The narration for the second site is supplied by Dr. Peter Dodson.

Dinosaur - 4 tapes - 1 hr each;  Arts and Entertainment network
     Join Walter Conkrite as he travels the globe, piecing together the clues of a great detective story.  The tapes in the series are entitled: Giant Birds of the Air: Tale of a Feather, Birth of a Legend: Tale of an Egg, The Fossil Rush: Tale of a Bone, The First Clue: Tale of a Tooth.

Dinosaur - 27 minutes; Dinosaur Nature Association
     This tape traces the development of Dinosaur National Monument from the pre-monument excavations started on behalf of Andrew Carnegie through the establishment of the monument in 1915.  The area is described and the current display of work in progress is emphasaized.  The various species of dinosaurs that have been found are identified.

Dinosaurs - 60 minutes;  Smithsonian Video
     The recent controversy concerning dinosaurs - cold-blooded or warm-blooded, good parents or not, extinction theories, etc. - are discussed in this tape made in 1989.  There is also a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation and recreation of the extensive Smithsonian Institution collection.

The Dinosaurs - 4 tapes - 1 hr each;  WHYY (Philadelphia)
     This series of video tapes is divided into four segments entitled: The Monsters Emerge, Flesh on the Bones, The Nature of the Beast, The Death of the Dinosaur.  This is an especially timely series of videotapes in light of the recent article in the National Geographic and the attention paid on both local and national TV to the discovery in the Andes.

Dinosaurs of the Gobi  - 60 minutes;  NOVA
     A 1992 expedition of the American Museum of Natural History into the Gobi Desert of Mongolia is traced.  This expedition tracks a 1920's expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews prior to the closing of the area to outsiders by the Soviets.  There is considerable discussion as to whether these particular dinosaurs who lived 80 million years ago were forerunners of the modern birds.  Mammal skeletons from the area are also discussed, including their relationship to the later development of mammals about 65 million years ago.

Jurassic Utah - 58 minutes; Bosworth Communications
     This tape reviews the placement of dinosaurs in relation to Earth's time line/  It also reviews the various excavations for dinosaurs in Utah and discusses current scientific breakthroughs in understanding dinosaur anatomy.  There is a brief discussion concerning the warm blooded / cold blooded controversy.

Really Wild Creatures - 47 minutes; National Geographic Kids Video
     This tape, narrated by Dudley Moore and using animation extensively, describes various dinosaurs, their development and extinction.  Viewing of this tape is limited to private usage only.

Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure - National Geographic - 40 minutes - Journey 80 million years back in time to an age when mighty dinosaurs dominated the land - and an equally astonishing assortment of ferocious creatures swarm, hunted,  and fought for survival beneath the vast, mysterious prehistoric  seas. 

T-Rex / The Ultimate Guide- 50 minutes; Discovery Channel
     This tape explores what T-Rex really was: A Doting Dad? Abird-like runner? A scavenger and not a hunter?

Kansas Geological Foundation Video Tape Library
by Robert D. Cowdery

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