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Kansas Geology

Changing Landscapes: Flood of '93 - 28.5  minutes;  Sunflower Journeys
     A portion of this tape discusses the flood of '93 at the Tuttle Creek Reservoir in the vicinity of Manhattan, Kansas.  Dr. Alan Archer of Kansas State University discusses the canyon cut by erosional processes in Permian age rocks.

Danger: Abandoned Wells - 5 minutes; Kansas Groundwater Districts
     A review of the dangers to children from abandoned wells and of the effects on aquifers from pollution by numerous chemicals and bacteria from such wells.  Report procedures for abandoned wells are briefly discussed and the addresses of the various groundwater districts are listed.

Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 2 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Rod Tillman) - This tape discusses in particular the Stateline Trend of Morrow reservoirs in Kansas and Colorado.

Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 5 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Steve Sonnenberg) - The Stewart Field, Finney Co., Kansas is discussed in detail.

The Flood of '93 - 27 minutes; Corps of Engineers
     This tape discusses the flood which occurred in the summer of '93 at Milford and Tuttle Creek reservoirs.  It includes a discussion by Dr. Ron West of the algal stromatolite beds exposed below the dam at Tuttle Creek as a result of the flood.

Floods to Field Trips - 22 minutes; Corps of Engineers.
     Discusses the flood of '93 in northeastern Kansas and its relation -ship to Milford and Tuttle Creek reservoirs.  A field trip of 4-H members, led by Dr. Ron West of Kansas State University, examines the exposed geologic section.  Dr. West describes this geologic section exposed as a result of the flood as well as the fossils in this section.

Fossils of Kansas - 16 minutes; Instructional Video.
This video shows Kansas fossils and the environment  in which they were formed. 

Global Climate Change ... A Scientific and Political Update - 30 minutes; SIPES (For Professional)
     This discussion of the subject by Dr. Lee Gerhard, Director of the Kansas Geological Survey was taped at the SIPES 35th Annual Meeting (1998).

Kansas Archaeology - 22 minutes;  Kansas Historical Society.
     This tape is a conversion from three slide programs dealing with Kansas archaeology, including archaeological methods and cultural sequence in Kansas experimental archaeology.

1996 Kansas Geological Society Field Trip - Carbonate Petrology - 180 Minutes; Kansas Geological Foundation - Wichita State University. 
     The Chase Group outcrops of northcentral Kansas and southern Nebraska were the focus of study for the 1996 Kansas Geological Society field trip.  This tape was prepared by Dr. Sal Mazzullo of Wichita State University and discusses carbonate development.

Kansas Highway Geology - 23 minutes; Kansas Geological Survey. 
     Narrated by Jon Roe this tape takes a fresh look at western Kansas.  Areas described include the Mushroom Rocks (concretions) of Rock, Fence Post limestone country, etc.

The Landforms and Landscapes of Kansas - 30 minutes; Instructional Video.
     This video journeys across Kansas and features the Ozark plateau, the Cherokee Lowlands, the Osage Questas, the Chautauqua Hills, the Glaciated Region, the Flint Hills, the Smoky Hills, the Wellington-McPherson Lowlands, the Red Hills, the Arkansas River Lowlands and the High Plains

The Making of Kansas  -  31 minutes; Instructional Video.
     Dr. James McCauley of the Kansas Geological Survey presents an overview of  Kansas geology and discusses geological processes at work over Millions of years to shape Kansas. Mid-Continent Section Meeting   This is a complete set of all of the presentations made at this meeting held in Wichita in September 1991.

Mid-Continent Section Meeting
     This is a complete set of all of the presentations made at this meeting held in Wichita in September 1991

The Mineral Resources of Kansas  - 15 minutes; Instructional Video.
      The more important mineral resources of Kansas are discussed, including the "mining of water" from the Ogalala acquifer for agricultural purposes.

The New Sternberg Museum -  8.5 minutes; Sunflower Journeys KTWU.
     This segment of the popular Sunflower Journey series takes you on a tour of the New Sternberg Museum where work on a very exciting museum is in 
progress.  Initial opening is scheduled for early 1997.

Oil in Kansas - 15.5 minutes; Kansas Oil Museum. 
This tape traces the development of the oil industry in Kansas following the Civil War with particular emphasis on Butler County and the El Dorado Oil Field which has produced 300 million barrels of oil.  Some of the history of the area concerned with the development of the towns of El Dorado, Oilhill, Midian, Towanda and Augusta is also presented.

Remember When: Oil Hill Kansas Memories - Butler County Historical Society

Rocks and Minerals of Kansas - 24 minutes; Instructional Video.
     This tape shows the student some of the more important rocks and minerals of Kansas.  An explanation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks found in the state is given

The Smoky Hills - 29 minutes; Sunflower Journeys.
     This tape has three segments - "T-Shirt Man of Pipe Creek", "Fossil Hunting", and "Sternberg Museum (Hays)

South Eubank Field: Successful Development of Deeper Reservoirs Using 3-D Seismic - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
     Excellent case study by local geologist, Ernie Morrison

Slides - The Kansas Geological Foundation
     The Kansas Geological Foundation has a set of 26 slides describing fossils; this presentation is focused at the elementary school level although it also interesting to all ages.

The View in the Mirror - Reflections on Kansas Streams, Watersheds and Pollution -  17 minutes; KDHE
     This tape discusses the effect on point and no-point pollution on streams and associated wildlife.  It follows a grade school class as it analyzes a stream and its surrounding environment.  Pointers are given as to what we as individuals may do to control pollution.

Works of Stone - 28 minutes; Sunflower Journeys
     This tape contains three segments: "Post Rock Quarrying (Ellis County)," "Stone Churches," including Cathedral of the Plains and "Stone Symposium."