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by Robert D. Cowdery

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Almost Absolute Zero - 73 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     Story of Laser cooling and trappings of atoms.

Answers from Beneath - 20 minutes; Schlumberger. 
     This tape presents a very basic review of various types of logging devices and their applications.  Coalbed Methane Multicomponent 3-D Reservoir 

Application of Coalbed methane Producibility Model in Defining Exploration Fairways - 30 minutes; SIPES. (for professional)
     This tape discusses Coalbed methane production in the Piceance, Sand Wash, and San Juan Basins.  The recording of the presentation is not of the highest quality.

Coalbed methane Multi-component 3-D Reservoir Characterization Study - 26 minutes; SIPES
     A discussion of an integrated study involoving geology, 3-D seismic, and petroleum engineering of the Cedar Hill Coalbed Methane Gas Field located between Durango, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico.

Datapool Programs - Program Maps, legends, and survey plats - ECHO Geophysical Corporation

Engineer in Space - 74 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     Describes the experiences of an NIST engineer on two missions into space.

Examples of Onshore 3-D Seismic Surveys -Designed to Evaluate Producing Properties - 30 minutes; SIPES.
     Integrated approach to field development using 3-D seismic.

Foundations for Business - 18 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     This video traces the hisory of the NIST and its predecesor, Natioal Bureau of Standards over the past 100 years.

The Fun and Excitement of Invention - 57 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     Presents a talk by the late Jacob Rabin, inventor and NIST staffer.

Fundamentals of 3-D Seismic Method - 3 hours 22 minutes; SIPES. 
     This seminar was presented at the 1994 SIPES Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  This tape traces the history of 3-D use, acquisition, processing and interpretation.

HDS 2000 - Visual Petrophysical Tool - ETECH International Ltd.

How an Independent is Using 3-D Seismic and CAEX Technology to Reduce Risk - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation. 
     This tape describes the integration of 3-D seismic and computer aided exploration (CAEX) to improve the economics of exploration for an independent operator.

The IARP Reservoir Modeling System - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation 
     IARP-RMS is a geological work station which provides a wide range of tools for reservoir modeling.  Its application is described.

Improved Reservoir Characterization through Integrated Data - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation.
     An integrated approach using cores, well logs and 3-D seismic to identify continuity of the San Andres reservoir in the Permian Basin is discussed. 

Incised Valleys - 8 tapes; SIPES Foundation

Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 1 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation - This tape covers the introductory presentation by Dr. Stephen Sonnenberg.  Dr. Sonnenberg presents the geologic setting for the incision of valleys and later deposition of Morrow Sandstone during the Pennsylvanian.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 2 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Rod Tillman) - This tape discusses in particular the Stateline Trend of Morrow reservoirs in Kansas and Colorado.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 3 - 90 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Tom Maslow) - This tape discusses examples of incised valleys in western Canada.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 4 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Phil McKenna, Keith Marks, and Don Hembre) - Discussion of the Sorrento Field, West Padroni Field, Colorado and Reimers Channel, Nebraska.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 5 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Steve Sonnenberg) - The Stewart Field, Finney Co., Kansas is discussed in detail.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 6 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Dave Bowen) - Bowen in this tape reviews the area between Clifford and the Stateline and discusses proximity indicators, significance of lithilogic changes, trap relationships, etc.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 7 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Dave Wheeler) - This tape covers valley fill deposits in the Oklahoma Panhandle.
Exploring Channels and Valley Fill Systems - Tape 8 - 60 minutes; SIPES Foundation (Bob Weimer and Rod Tillman) - Bob Weimer and Rod Tillman lead a panel discusssion of the topic of the seminar, but the tape also includes a discusssion of the Sun Ranch Fields, Wyoming by Rod Tillman.

Independents and the Expanding Realm of CO2 Miscible Flooding - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation 
     The history and development of CO2 miscible flooding is discussed along with changing procedures in implementation.

Introduction to Seismic Reflection Surveying - 34 minutes; AAPG. 
     Discusses the differences between a geologic and a seismic section.  Reviews stacking, common mid-point, velocity analysis deconvolution, migration and frequency filtering.

A Laymanís Perspective of 3-D Seismic - 70 minutes; IAGC. 
     This tape was filmed at a meeting between geophysicits and the U. S. Forest Service in May of 1997. It includes a discussion of how a 3-D seismic survey is planned as well as how it is carried out.  There is limited reporting of results of several surveys.

Mineral Exploration - 29 minutes; NASA. 
     This tape examines the use of remote-sensing and the data produced for mineral exploration.  It focuses on the most promising locations for mining.

The Modern Mariners - 11 minutes; Western Atlas.
This tape tends to be somewhat commercial in that it explains the advantages of working for Western Geophysical offshore.

New Completion and Stimulation Techniques - 30 minutes; SIPES.
     This tape was recorded at a seminar held at the SIPES Annual Meeting in Midland, Texas, in 1992.  It discusses the use of small particle cement in the revitalization of old well involving gravel packs, casing leaks and shut-off of water in fractured reservoirs.  One of the examples is a well in Ness County, Kansas. 

New Technologies are Accessible to Everyone - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation 
     This presentation outlines available programs including current technologies, how to get more information and how the programs can provide a vehicle of change.

No 3-D, No Deal!  How to Get into the Game on an Independent's Budget - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation. 
How to shoot small prospects with 3-D economically.

Oerb-Petroleum Professionals Training Video - 47 minutes

Old Electric Log Analysis - 38 minutes; Petro Media, Inc. 
     The normal and lateral curves of old electric logs are discussed in detail.  Such factors as: thin bed correction, bore hole correction, dead zones, true resistivity, invaded zones are covered.

Open Hole Completion in Water Sensitive Formations - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation. 
The technique of drilling and completing simultaneously to make the new technology formation friendly is described.

Practical Synergy, 1 + 1 =>2 - 3 hours 45 minutes; SIPES Foundation 
     This is a tape of a seminar that covered four topics, Technology Transfer in the Upstream Petroleum Industry; Exploration and Development Lot Analysis Using PC Spreadsheet; Geoscientific Information in the Year 2000; and The Role of the Public Sector in Providing Cost Effective Technology to the Petroleum Independent: A Kansas Example.

Sea Level Controls of Carbonate Depositional Sequence - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation. 
Dr. Robert Loucks discusses the critical factors controlling carbonate deposition.

SIESearch - Seismic Exchange

Seismic and Well Data - Seismic Processing Services- GGS Specturm

Seismic Story  - 20 minutes; Current Affairs Multimedia. 
Shows typical seismic crew operations, including basic explanation of seismology as used in hydrocarbon exploration and field recording data with special vehicles and equipment.

Smart 3-D - 4.5 minutes; Western Atlas. 
Review of the integration of planning, field acquisition and processing of 3-D seismic on a project in Gabon, Africa.
Steepbank C 

Steepbank C - 21 minutes; Chevron Video report #91
This is a story of the Steepbank project where a heating technique, patented by Chevron is being used to tap the vast resources of oil tar sand in Canada.

Chevron Video Report #91. 
     This is the story of the Steepbank project where a heating technique, patented by Chevron is being used to tap the vast resources of oil tar sand in Canada.

Subsalt Exploration - 9.45 minutes; Phillips Petroleum Co. 
     This interesting tape outlines the use of 3-D seismic, depth migration technology, "bright spot" techniques to determine that a salt intrusion with old production surrounding it was, in actuality, pear-shaped. Subsequent drilling through the intrusion to a depth in excess of 16,000 feet resulted in a discovery completed for 7,000 BOPD plus and 9.9 MCFPD.

Surf: Wave of the Future - 8 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
      Reviews a summer internship for students with the NIST

A 3-D Case History in the Horseshoe Atoll Area of Scurry County, Texas - 30 minutes; SIPES. 
This tape discusses the layout of 3-D seismic surveys for pinnacle reefs and the results of those surveys.

3-D Multicomponent Seismic Reservoir South Casper Creek Field - 30 minutes; SIPES. 
     The tape explains an integrated approach involving 3-D seismic that pinpoints the cause of failure of a steam injection project in an old field located 25 miles west of Casper, Wyoming.

What Sank the Titanic - 57 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     Analyzes the various parts of the Titanic to determine why they failed.

Who Cares About Science - 10 minutes; National Institute of Standards & Technology
     A look at science at NIST and why science would make an interesting career.

Windows to the Past: Discovering Earth's Future - 13 minutes; Ocean Drilling Program. 
     This tape describes the activities aboard a drill ship that is drilling in the ocean floors.  It explains the reason for this program, but does not describe any of the results obtained from this drilling.

Total Quality Geochemistry - 7 minutes; DGSI. 
     This is basically a promotional tape explaining how geochemistry may be used to determine source rock by geologists and to determine the origins and relationships of oils in various wells within a field by engineers.  The president of the company is Wallace Dow who has been prominent in this field for some time.

Slides - The Kansas Geological Foundation 
     The Kansas Geological Foundation has a set of 26 slides describing fossils; this presentation is focused at the elementary school level although it also interesting to all ages.

Kansas Geological Foundation Video Tape Library
by Robert D. Cowdery

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