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AAPG Bulletins - 2003 to 2009 on CD ROM

All about Coal - 12.5 minutes; American Electric Power 
This tape reviews how coal is mined and cleaned, including footage on surface mining.

Aramco at Fifty - 51.5 minutes; Hollywood Film and Video
Traces the development of the company from two American geologists exploring in the desert in 1933, through the discovery well, to a company of 60,00
0 employees controlling a large share of the earth's reserves.

Arctic Challenge - 29 minutes; Conoco, Inc.
Discusses the planning and construction of a production base located 240 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  It was completed five months ahead of schedule.

As Old as the Hills - 10 minutes; BP Films. 
This animated program explains how crude oil was formed millions of years ago from the remains of small organisms, covered with layers of mud and subjected to intense heat and pressure.  Also explained is how oil became trapped by impervious cap rocks.  An excellent introduction for a young audience.  Suitable for 9-13 year olds.

Careers for Geoscientists - 40 minutes; American Geological Institute
This excellent tape reviews the professional activites of meteorologists, hydrologists, geochemists, geophysicists, mining geologists, state survey geologists, petroleum geologists, etc.  Would be very useful to middle schools, high schools and universities.

Coal - The Inside Story - 15.45 minutes; American Electric Power
Begins with a description of the depositional and formational processes involved with coal.  It then describes in detail the mining of coal and its transportation to power plants.

Computer Technology and the Petroleum Geologist - 30 minutes; SIPES (for professioal)
A good understanding of computers is necessary to follow this discusssion by Sandra Mark

Crude Energy - 22 minutes; Phillips Petroleum
Myths about petroleum are shattered as students get a backstage look at drilling and exploration.
Down a Long Way - 18 minutes; BP Films. 
An animated video film that describes how an oil reservoir is located and the operation of the main part of an oil rig.  The practice of drilling is fully Explained.  Suitable for ages 9-13 years old.

Empires of Industry-Wildcatters - 50 minutes; The History Channel. This tape portrays the history of early Texas discoveries such as Spindletop, East Texas, etc. and the exciting oilmen who were involved. There is some narration by Michael Halbouty.

The Energy Crisis - 16 minutes; Current Affairs Multimedia. 
Waste, Indecision, Indifference effects that rising energy costs and energy shortages could have on lifestyles.

Energy in Perspective - 21 minutes; BP Films
This video discusses man’s historic use of energy and examines the limits of the world’s supply of fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas.  Alternative sources of energy such as nuclear, solar, tidal and geothermal are considered.  Emphasis is placed on the need to conserve our resources.  Suitable for ages 14 and up. 

Energy Within Reason - 26 minutes; BP Films. 
This video discusses the need to conserve resources by examining the proportions of total energy consumption in the different types of industry, transport and building.  It emphasizes the staggering quantities of energy that are wasted and demonstrates ways in which we can improve our energy efficiency.  Suitable for ages 14 and up.

Environmental Geosciences - AAPG - 2008 Publications of the Environmental Division of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. 

Exploration Opportunities for the Independent in Alaska - 30 minutes; SIPES foundation, 1999
Dr. Gil Mull discusses the best places for an Independent in Alaska and in particular the area between the National Petroleum Reserve and ANWR.

The Finder's Mind - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
Ted Beaumont discusses what characterizes effective exploration, what are the characteristics of oil and gas finders, and how we become more effective explorationists.

Fuel of the Future - 17 minutes; West Virginia Independent Oil & Gas Assn. 
This tape gives a brief history of oil and gas exploration and production in West Virginia.  It then discusses the excellent prospects for the development of West Virginia's gas resources.

The Future of Energy Gases - 29 minutes; USGS. 
This excellent tape was produced in 1993.  It begins by discussing the history of energy fuels.  This is followed by a description of what constitutes natural gas and how natural gas is formed.  The effects of various fuels on the environment is discussed with natural gas portrayed in a very favorable light.  Various sources of natural gas and the reserves from these sources are described including conventional gas, coalbed methane, deep gas, gas hydrates, etc.

God Bless Standard Oil - 60 minutes; PBS.
This tape focuses on the early years when a new breed of prospector, the wildcatter, found a new source of wealth "black gold".

How to Build a Company as an Independent and Survive Difficult Times - 180 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
This tape is the tape of the SIPES Foundation seminar theat included panelists: Woody Leel of Triton, Bill Barrett of Barrett Resources, Vince Gunn of Gunn Oil, Jim Gibbs of Five States Energy, and Lance Cole of PTTC.

How to Promote a Good Idea With Limited Funds - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
Case Histories of oil and gas promotions which explores such topics as: How do you look at an idea, How do you set-up your compensation, Actual oil and gas case histories.

The Independents - 60 minutes. 
Wildcatters, the tough individuals who searched for oil played a substantial role in the search for oil, particularly in the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Jefferson Island Salt Dome -18 minutes; Niles Grosvenor.
This tape reviews the event that took place on November 20, 1980, when a Texaco drilling operation on a lake at Jefferson Island drilled into a salt mine a quarter of a mile beneath the surface, draining the lake and destroying considerable property.  This tape also reviews the history of the area.  Tape quality is not very good.

Land Professionals - The Next Generation - 7 1/2 minutes; AAPL 
This tape gives an overview of the American Association of Professional Landmen and its activities.  It also briefly describes the duties and functions of a landman.

Landscape on Loan - 27 minutes; BP Films. 
This film discusses the environmental challenges of drilling for oil beneath Poole Harbor in Dorset, England.  It shows how the oil development was carried
 out with the least possible impact on wildlife, the human population and the eco-system.

Legends in Wildcatting - 60 minutes; Houston Geological Society
This tape features five speakers discussing their experinces in oil exploration. They are: Joe Foster, Neufield Corp; George Mitchell, Mitchell Energy; Marlan Downey, President of the AAPG; Gene Van Dyke, Vanco; and John Seitz, Anadarko Petroleum. There is a question and answer session also.

Lighting the Frontier - 28.5 minutes; RMAG
This video presents the story of Colorado's first oil field, including portrayal of the people and events that led to the discovery of the Florence Oil Field.  It also explains the geologic factors which contributed to the formation of the important field in layman's terms.

Mining: Discoveries for Progress - 10 minutes; American Mining Congress. 
This tape outlines the importance and involvement of minerals in our economy.  It explains the contribution of coal to our energy supply.  The environmental concerns of the companies are discussed and the actions taken to return the land to its natural state following cessation of mining are shown.

Multimedia: The Key to Geologic Presentations in the 21st Century - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
This tape explores th marriage of modern technology to good science that integrates sights and sounds to tell a story or deliver a message.

Natural Gas Value Chain - 7.11 minutes; Amoco Video Corp.
This brief informercial takes one through the integrated structure of Amoco’s international gas industry, showing the six parts of its structure - exploration, production, processing, transportation, petrochemicals and utilization, all in layman’s terms.  It is a good introduction to the natural gas industry.

Oil in Kansas - 15.5 minutes; Kansas Oil Museum. 
This tape traces the development of the oil industry in Kansas following the Civil War with particular emphasis on Butler County and the El Dorado Oil Field which has produced 300 million barrels of oil.  Some of the history of the area concerned with the development of the towns of El Dorado, Oilhill, Midian, Towanda and Augusta is also presented.

Oklahoma City Oil Fields 1929-31 - 92 minutes; Oklahoma Historical Society.
This is a tape that pieced together from the original 16 mm film.  The film was shot by an amateur and jumps from one subject to another.  It captures various activities such as the building of wooden derricks, cable tool drilling, early rotary drilling, etc.  Of particular interest are the various blowouts (gushers) that were filmed.  Included near the end are a parade through downtown Oklahoma City (perhaps Armistice Day) and what appears to be the inauguration of a governor.  If someone would re-do this tape with narration, it would certainly enhance its value.

Pennsylvania Crude - 28 minutes; Venango Museum. 
This tape deals with the history of the Colonel Drake well at Titusville, including some footage from an old movie that starred Vincent Price as Colonel Drake.  It also describes some of the communities that sprung up in the area as a result of the first "boom." 

Petroleum: Preserving our National Treasure - 10 minutes; Oklahoma Commission on Marginally Producing Oil and Gas Wells and Koch Industries.
This is an excellent statement on the necessity for saving many marginal wells because of their impact on jobs, tax base and the national energy supply.  It shows how taxes and unnecessary regulation can remove the profit from a well, but not the oil and that plugging a well is like going out of business.  Of 2,909 wells plugged in the U.S. every year, it is estimated that about half could be saved if taxes and regulations were reasonably moderated.

Pipeline Alaska - 29 minutes; BP Films.
The amazing story of the construction of the 1,280 kilometer trans-Alaska pipeline that links the North Slope to the Valdez port.  Discusses the special considerations of working in this unique eco-system.

Play it Smart - 5 minutes; OERB.
This tape explains the hazards of hanging out around wellsites and pump jacks.

The Prize - 4 tapes - 2 hours each; PBS
The tape series that was shown on PBS and that was adapted from Daniel Yergin's book.  The series includes the following segments:  "Our Plan," "Empire of Oil," "The Black Giant," "War and Oil," "Crude Diplomacy," "Power to the Producers," "The Tinder Box" and "The New Orde
r of Oil."

Profile of  a Top Performer - 26 minutes; Phillips Petroleum Video Communications. 
This tape details the life of  Frank Phillips, one of the founders of Phillips Petroleum.

Remember When: Oil Hill Kansas Memories - Butler County Historical Society

The Rise of OPEC - 60 minutes.
This tape charts the rise of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) which has now become central in world oil supply and demand.

Riches from the Rock: Open Channel Communications - 27 minutes
This tape has very little geological content but is an extremely interesting historical account of the development of copper mining in the Bisbee, Arizona area.


Rocky Mountain Anthology:  The Raton Basin - 23.5 minutes; Geolinks Video Programs.  Discusses the history of the Raton Basin and traces the development of present day Coalbed Methane activity.

South Eubank Field: Successful Development of Deeper Reservoirs Using 3-D Seismic - 30 minutes; SIPES Foundation, 1999
Excellent case study by local geologist, Ernie Morrison

This Earth...the Search Within - 24 minutes; BP Films. 
From the Landsat images to the latest seismic techniques, this program examines the sophisticated methods and equipment used by geologists and geophysicists to search for riches beneath the earth’s crust.  Suitable for ages 14 and up.

A Total Concept of the Mining Industry - 62 minutes; Colorado Mining Association.
 This tape, made in conjunction with the Colorado School of Mines, specifically made for elementary and secondary school teachers, provides an unedited description of a series of field trips.  Mines and mining operations are visited.  More than 850 teachers have participated in this program.  Any teacher wishing to participate should contact the Colorado Mining Association, 1600 Broadwaym ste. 1300, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Unocal Centennial Documentary - 20 minutes. 
This video produced for UNOCAL's centennial (1890-1990) traces Union of California's evolution from a west coast independent to an international player through the use of early pictures and movies.

Using Geology to Find Oil and Gas - 3 tapes lasting from 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes; Petro Media, Inc.
These tapes are basically for the non-professional and would be excellent if used as an introduction to petroleum geology for high school students. 

Tape 1 - Subjects reviewed are formation of rock types, sedimentary processes, diagensis and porosity formation. 
Tape 2 - This tape continues the discussion of sedimentary processes, correlation of rock types, correlation by paleontology, discussion of tectonic features, unconformities, traps, accumulations in relation to geologic time, contouring and logging. 
Tape 3 - Subjects discussed are where information may be obtained, subsurface maps, mapping procedures, how to estimate reserves and economics. 

Wildcatter - A Story of Texas Oil - 50 minutes; October Productions. 
This is an excellent tape telling the stories of Spindletop, Big Lake, East Texas, etc., and the men who discovered them.  It also follows the progress of a well being drilled on an exploration prospect in North Texas.  One has to wait until the end of the video to find out whether or not it was a dry hole or a producer.


Kansas Geological Foundation Video Tape Library
by Robert D. Cowdery

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